Two-Way Analog and Digital Communications Module for Valve Control and Retrofit Applications

Hudson, MA, July 6, 2015 – SignalFire introduces a new Two-Way Analog and Digital Communications Module that wirelessly mirrors analog and digital signals between two points as a standalone system. Ideal for wireless valve control or retrofit applications in oil and gas fields where analog and digital signals need to be replicated at both ends, the SignalFire Wireless I/O Module serves as a wire replacement by replicating the analog and digital signals (discrete, 4-20mA and 1-5V) with another module through a wireless link. Both modules can work, in turn, replicating the other’s I/O status.

Offered with 4 analog inputs/outputs as well as 2 digital input/outputs, the Two-Way Analog and Digital Communications Module operates from a wide range of DC power inputs with low power consumption. Units can be DIN Rail mounted for easy installation. An integrated 300 mW radio with antenna kit provides fail safe protection should either radio frequency or I/O fail or be interrupted.

In addition to operating in a point-to-point I/O mirroring configuration, the Wireless I/O Module can be configured as a standard SignalFire node in a SignalFire network, providing longer range as well as more sophisticated monitoring and control. The modules are DIN rail mounted and designed to be easy to use.

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Caption to graphic:  When operating in a point to point I/O mirroring configuration, analog/digital inputs on the  SignalFire Two Way Analog and Digital Communications Module can be replicated on the other module and vice versus.  The graphic depicts the wireless exchange of analog and digital inputs from node A to node B and vice versa. 

Two-Way Analog and Digital Communications Module PR Diagram

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