Announcing the Brand New MicroTRICOR TCM 0100


Designed for accurate measurement of very low flow rates, this new MicroTRICOR TCM 0100 mass flow meter is suitable for dosing, blending and batching in applications such as chemical injection, precision painting and coating applications, and batch processing. It is the only meter of its kind that offers a compact dual tube design (for greater stability and resistance to external vibration) that is rated for use at high pressures (up to 5,000 psi). The 316L stainless steel tubes measure flow rates as low as 300 grams/hr (5cc/min).

Switching to Mass Measurement

 Unlike volumetric flow meters, the MicroTRICOR meter measures mass instead of volume, providing for greater accuracy as the mass of a fluid or gas remains constant and is unaffected by changing process conditions such as temperature, pressure and viscosity.  As a result, process engineers get truer readings in all conditions from the MicroTRICOR Mass Meter.

Maintenance Free Operation

With no filter requirements and no moving parts such as gears that can corrode and fail, this low flow Coriolis meter requires little to no maintenance, providing long-term operation. The units are flushable and simple to clean. In addition to that, the MicroTRICOR offers fast response times and high repeatability.

Options and Choices

Having all wetted components made of 316L stainless steel, this meter is compatible with most fluids. Multiple connection types are available including NPT, AutoClave, and tubing. The TCM 0100 Mass Flow Meter is EX certified with ATEX, IECEx, EAC certifications and a pending CSA rating. The MicroTRICOR Meter is sold with TRICOR’s TCE 8000 transmitters that are available with analog, frequency pulse and status outputs. Transmitters can be ordered as panel mount or remote field mount versions.

For more information about the MicroTRICOR click HERE.