AW-Lake New FAC-R™ Celebrates Positive Market Acceptance, Product Line Expansion Planned for Q3

AW-Lake continues to experience overwhelming demand for its new FAC-R™ Frequency to Analog Converter since market introduction last year.  In fact, production is ramping up to ensure supply continues to meet unprecedented demand. More economical than a PLC card, the Frequency to Analog Signal Converter changes incoming frequency to both current and voltage output for download into a PLC or other control system.  Ideal for process monitoring and data acquisition, the FAC-R interfaces with flow meters, pumps, encoders and other frequency-out sensors and instrumentation.

Bluetooth capability supports easy programming from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet. The FAC-R™ mobile app essentially converts smart phones into wireless flow meter!

Adding to the FAC Family

Extending its FAC product family, AW Lake is introducing a local mount version of its frequency to analog converter named the Frequency-to-Analog Converter.  Incorporating a sensor, amplifier, and converter module in a durable plastic junction box, the microprocessor-based Frequency-to-Analog Converter hard wires into flow meters (including AW Lake P.D. and turbine flow meters) and converts frequency to voltage or current output for download into a control system.

Like the FAC-R, this version also supports a Bluetooth interface for remote programming and flow reading from a smart phone. More economical than a high-speed PLC counter, the Frequency-to-Analog Converter eliminates the need for a multimeter.

The Frequency-to-Analog Converter currently is in Beta Test and scheduled for market introduction before the end of Q3.