Choice of Materials: Select from aluminum, brass or stainless steel to meet system and media compatibility requirements.

Unrestricted Mounting: Allows for horizontal, vertical or inverted installation and does not require straight plumbing on inlet or outlet.

Multiple Ports Available: Standard selection of NPT, SAE and BSPP ports reduces the amount of adapters required for installation.

Bi-Directional or Reverse Flow Options: High temperature monitors are also available in bidirectional or reverse flow versions. Contact the factory for more information.

Technical Specifications
Measuring Accuracy:

±2.0% of full scale


±1% of full scale

Flow Measuring Range:

0.1-150 GPM (0.4-560 LPM)

Maximum Operating Pressure:

Aluminum and brass meters: 3500 PSIG (240 Bar)
Stainless steel meters: 6000 PSIG (410 Bar)
Aluminum and brass meters: 600 PSIG (40 Bar)
Stainless steel meters: 1000 PSIG (69 Bar)

Maximum Operating Temperature:

400°F (204°C)

Standard Calibration Fluids:

Oil meters:  DTE 25® @ 110°F (43°C), 0.873 sg
Water meters: water @ 70°F (21°C), 1.0 sg
Air meters:
air @ 70°F (21°C), 1.0 sg  & 100 PSIG (6.8 bar)

Filtration Requirements:

74 micron filter or 200 mesh screen minimum

Materials of Construction:

Window Tube:  Pyrex®

Window Seals:  PTFE

Casing & End Ports:  Anodized Aluminum, Brass, or Stainless Steel

Seals:  FKM w/ PTFE backup

Transfer Magnet:  PTFE coated Alnico

All other internal parts:  Stainless steel


Part Number Guide

Pressure Differential Graphs