• A Complete Troubleshooting: System Style K consists of the flow meter, precision needle-type load valve and Glyerin filled gauge. Style T adds a Thermowell protected temperature gauge.
  • Planned Component Repairs: This system analyzer can be part of a predictive maintenance program, allowing strategized pump, valve, motor and cylinder rebuilding.
  • Compact and Rugged: The complete hydraulic system test analyzer is small enough to fit in a tool box and built to withstand rigorous industrial use.
  • Non-Electrical: Without batteries to fail or other electrical power connections to make, this system will provide a lifetime of simple and reliable operation.
  • Metric and US/Standard Measuring Ranges: These multi-measurement analyzers simultaneously measure flow in GPM and LPM, pressure in PSIG and Bar, and temperature in degrees F and C.
  • Unrestricted Mounting: Accurate measurements can be taken in any mounting orientation, without the straigh plumbing required with other analyzer systems.
  • Reverse Flow Option Available: Optional built-in reverse bypass mechanism prevents potential damage from misinstallation or backflow.
Technical Specifications
Measuring Accuracy:

Flow:  ±2% of full scale
Pressure:  ±2.5% of full scale
Temperature:  ±2.5% of full scale


±1% of full scale – all measurements

Flow Measuring Range:

Flow:  0.1–150 GPM (0.5-550 LPM)
Temperature:  0–250°F (-20–120°C)

Maximum Operating Pressure:

Aluminum Meters: 3000 PSIG (200 Bar)
Stainless Steel Meters:  5000 PSIG (340 Bar)

Maximum Operating Temperature:

240°F (116°C)

Standard Calibration Fluid:

Oil meters: DTE 25® @ 110°F (43°C), 0.873 sg

Filtration Requirements:

74 micron filter or 200 mesh screen minimum


Standard viscosities up to 110 cSt

Pressure Differential Graphs
Please Note:  Delta P in below charts does not include needle valve restriction.


Part Number Guide

TestAnalyzer Part Number Guide