SignalFire Totalizer Module Provides Instantaneous Totals of Gas Flow Rates

Hudson, MA, May 14, 2015 – Spurred by the growth of hydraulic fracking within the United States, flare gas regulations have become tighter, requiring companies to more closely monitor the total gas flow rates on their sites. SignalFire Telemetry Totalizer Module works with analog or digital flow meters to provide instantaneous, total, and daily flow information of gas.

With a built-in user-configurable, real-time clock, the wireless Totalizer Module stores the last 30 daily total flows. The monitoring system totalizes the daily gas amount (standard cubic feet) over a settable contract (24 hour) period. Data can be accessed wirelessly when connected to the SignalFire Modbus-in-a-Stick (a rugged, integrated device combining a high-gain antenna with gateway electronics in a single, easily mounted package) or locally over a RS-485 Modbus RTU connection.

The SignalFire Totalizer offers the following features:
• User-configurable, 24 hour clock for daily totals
• Instantaneous and totalized flow rates
• 4-20 analog input scales to flow velocity (1-5V available on request)
• Digital input interface (6 to 36VDC)
• 32 days of history available via Modbus interface
• Very low power consumption
• Relay output for local control
• Modbus (RS485) interface
• Din rail mount

For more information on the Totalizer Module, refer to the website at or contact the company at 978-212-2868 or