Watch How to Setup and Calibrate Your ProScan Turbidity Sensor

The ProScan Turbidity Sensor from AW-Lake is ideal for detection of material transitions, monitoring turbidity and measuring product concentration, such as:

• Dairy processing
• Juice processing
• Brewing operations

Utilizing advanced optical and microprocessor technology, the ProScan sensor produces a linearized 4-20 mA output that can be tailored to a wide range of applications. The sensor attaches directly to the process line and allows real-time, in-line analysis of fluid streams. The sapphire lens and 316 stainless steel body will withstand the high temperatures, rapid temperature fluctuations and chemical agents typical in food processes. The simple design allows plant personnel to install, tune and maintain it with ease.

Watch this video to learn how to calibrate the ProScan sensor prior to installing it in your process.

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